About Irfan

Irfan is the book on Tassawuf and Faqr. It is a unique, strange book on the most important but neglected aspect of Islam. It includes lot of useful information on the topic and was printed in 1942. It is in two parts. Part-I explains the importance, explanation, complete procedure and how to imagine the Holy name of Allah. In Part-II, spirits, jinn and soul is discussed.

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About Author

Well known Sufi and Author. Born in Kalachi, a far sited town of Dera Ismael Khan in 1883. His father Haji Gul Mohammad was a noble person. He relates to a well known pious Muslim, Syed Mohammad Gaisoo Draz of Gulbargah Hyderabad (India). He got primary education in Kalachi and learned Arabic and Persian in home. Due to inner instinct, he left college and adapted Sufi life. He spent his life in prayers and research of Books by Hazrat Sultan Bahoo. He is author of Irfan, Anwar e Sultani, Haqnuma, and Sultan ul Aurad. He died in 1960 and was buried in Kalachi.